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Hi there! I'm Jess

An adventurer & optimistic human who thrives in the grounding presence of nature and is equally dazzled by big-city hustle. I adore learning and exploring ways to have full-bodied experiences in the ebb & flow of life. 

I grew up in small-town Michigan climbing trees & doing all things creative & messy. My childhood was expressed through dance, art, sports & swimming. This is where I first discovered the healing powers of movement and how life breathes through you when you are in a state of embodied Self. 

After high school, I went to University, studied long hours, worked hard, graduated, moved around the world & thought I was doing all the right things. Through my travels, I developed an intimate relationship with myself yet I was still deeply disconnected. 

Life really started to change as I transitioned careers shifting from classroom education to teaching yoga. After years of placing myself behind work, friends, & obligations, it resulted in a burnout that left me completely floored. I was shocked that I didn't see it coming. 

It was through the process of recovery that I peeled back the layers and saw the signs that my nervous system had been giving me all along. I’d been ignoring what my body was telling me through overworking & overdoing because I’d allowed societal expectations to navigate my inner compass. 

Now I use my training, education & experience as a certified yoga instructor & body-based coach to help people like you reconnect to themselves. So you can witness eyes wide open internally & externally the imbalances and have the tools to bring you home to yourself. 

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